Zen Arquitetura Rotate Device!

ZEN Architecture harnesses and replicates the principles found in nature in order to create built environments which benefit people and other living things. Although many people are aware of the aesthetic beauty of buildings which are influenced by natural forms and built with natural materials, the full effect of designing in accordance with nature is not widely understood. The core belief of ZEN Architecture is that all life responds well to design that is energetically harmonious with nature.

The ZEN Architecture approach embraces the eco-friendly practices of sustainable construction, permaculture and the use of natural materials, as well as the energy conscious practices of geomancy, sacred geometry and Feng Shui. In studying the environment necessary to support life, it may be possible to redefine the function of architecture as a discipline which enables people to build spaces which have a physically positive effect on living things. This craft has been rediscovered time and again throughout recorded history, and awareness of the deeply fascinating connections between the animate and the inanimate is once again demanding our attention.

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